Desert dudes

In death valley we met some kids almost our age! We played airplane with them. Then we played laser tag!!! It was so fun. I only got somebody once but it was fun. We went to a campsite in the middle of nowhere, but even nowhere has ups. So I was walking along and I met Brandon a 12 year old boy. We quickly became friends and Brandon introduced me to his twin brother and his cousin Austin, and I forgot his name. But we all went to build a scrap metal fort with a rock wall. Me and my sister worked on the rock wall, and the other dudes brought in the scrap metal, but then a plane small to be sure, buzzed my sister at 50 feet max. It also landed in the campground. That was awsome. But before we met Brandon and his siblings we saw a road runner who crossed over our car and ran away. At the end of the day our car had to be towed to a hotel, because the battery that ran the car’s engine couldn’t be charged because the charger broke down,and the van still had a limited amount of miles we could drive before it stoped working. But our dad got the part he needed and fixed the van yay!

The road runner,

Being towed,

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