Legoland favorites

Legoland is amazing!!!!!! It is so awsome. I loved the ninjago coaster and driving school. In driving school you drive around in mini cars and try not to hit anything. In the ninjago coaster you put on virtual reality goggles and shoot blasts of elemental energy out of your arm. The ride turned from screen to screen so you could shoot the bad guys and in the end you defeat the great devourer. But I loved the Dragon coaster that showed the inside of the castle then went outside and turned and jumped until we were back. We also saw  giant star wars Lego sets. We agreed it took someone years to build the sets. The sets go up to the force awakens. Legoland was so centerd around Legos that I half expected everyone to be a minifigure. The hotels are really cool inside but the legoland  hotel is still a mystery because we coudnt see inside the legoland hotel but we did see the castle hotel which is were we are staying. And in the hotel it has Lego sets in every room. And a amazing playground/royal courtyard.

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