Cape Disaplointment πŸ‡±πŸ‡·

So today we drove to Cape Disappointment, an historical site because of a visit from Lewis and Clark and Corps of Discovery. It wasn’t just any visit from Lewis and Clark it was the end of their journey!!! It was so cool because there was this museum of sorts. The museum had a ramp going down into the ground with pictures and descriptions of Lewis and Clark’s journey. The ramp eventualy led to an exhibit about the Dismal Niche. The dismal niche is a niche half way up a hill on a beach on the Columbia river. They were stuck in the kitchen for six days because they could not go higher up the hill and the sea was to rough. But the natives, who were always helpful and excellent canoers, came across the stormy river to sell them fish! There were also cool things like a mounted musket in front of a map with square plates the size of my hand that showed a creature and how many men it could feed (on😈). And there was a map with a compass. At the end of the exhibit there was information about light houses and whale waching, but you can probably guess my favorite…whale waching. While we were looking we saw a spout! yay. After that we drove onwards. I would recommend this museum to anyone who likes adventure of history.

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