Monterey bay aqarium!

  • Today we went to Monterey bay aqarium! The aquarium is amazing, it has otters, and sunfish,and last but not least, the giant Pacific octopus!, but the cutest residents where the otters no questions asked. But the coolest was that giant green more eel he was amazing. The moray’s  size and strength made it look like he could eat a giant clam! But I think the seal of approval for all out amazingness goes to the giant Pacific octopus😄. All tho my favorite exhibit viva baja. It was about a place not unlike the amazons, but with one crutall detail, the land is a desert! The ocean ever of viva baja is lush and filled with amazing wild life, even the desert sand hold life like, common chukwallas and desert tortises. But no exhibit could beet the sheer asked the open ocean exhibit! So the o.o.e.(o.pen o.cean e.xihbit) is a huge circular room as big as fifty school buses!(only slightly eggareated) but the structure was filled with water it was epic to see. But they had actual predators in the like there were sardines and there natural enemy the moki moki fish. So as soon as the sardines started to feed the moki moki fish swam in for the kill! But little did they notice the hammer head sharks in the back ground. But the hammer heads did not dad any fish.

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