Homework on the go go go!!!

My sister and I have worked tirelessly to complete the most frustrating thing in the world: homework. And the homework we did was math and writing. But not all parts of homework have down sides. Some assigments were easy, but it still did not make them fun. If I was in charge we would all get word problems for math and read every hour. The best part about math on the road is you can do it all day who cares when you finish! How we did home work is we have these lap desks that have pencils in pouches on the sides which we use on the road while we drive.

Cape Disaplointment ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ท

So today we drove to Cape Disappointment, an historical site because of a visit from Lewis and Clark and Corps of Discovery. It wasn’t just any visit from Lewis and Clark it was the end of their journey!!! It was so cool because there was this museum of sorts. The museum had a ramp going down into the ground with pictures and descriptions of Lewis and Clark’s journey. The ramp eventualy led to an exhibit about the Dismal Niche. The dismal niche is a niche half way up a hill on a beach on the Columbia river. They were stuck in the kitchen for six days because they could not go higher up the hill and the sea was to rough. But the natives, who were always helpful and excellent canoers, came across the stormy river to sell them fish! There were also cool things like a mounted musket in front of a map with square plates the size of my hand that showed a creature and how many men it could feed (on๐Ÿ˜ˆ). And there was a map with a compass. At the end of the exhibit there was information about light houses and whale waching, but you can probably guess my favorite…whale waching. While we were looking we saw a spout! yay. After that we drove onwards. I would recommend this museum to anyone who likes adventure of history.

Monterey bay aqarium!

  • Today we went to Monterey bay aqarium! The aquarium is amazing, it has otters, and sunfish,and last but not least, the giant Pacific octopus!, but the cutest residents where the otters no questions asked. But the coolest was that giant green more eel he was amazing. The moray’s  size and strength made it look like he could eat a giant clam! But I think the seal of approval for all out amazingness goes to the giant Pacific octopus๐Ÿ˜„. All tho my favorite exhibit viva baja. It was about a place not unlike the amazons, but with one crutall detail, the land is a desert! The ocean ever of viva baja is lush and filled with amazing wild life, even the desert sand hold life like, common chukwallas and desert tortises. But no exhibit could beet the sheer asked the open ocean exhibit! So the o.o.e.(o.pen o.cean e.xihbit) is a huge circular room as big as fifty school buses!(only slightly eggareated) but the structure was filled with water it was epic to see. But they had actual predators in the like there were sardines and there natural enemy the moki moki fish. So as soon as the sardines started to feed the moki moki fish swam in for the kill! But little did they notice the hammer head sharks in the back ground. But the hammer heads did not dad any fish.

Safari park!

Today we went to San Diego zoo safari park. We romed around and looked at tigers then we headed to the jungle roles safari. The jungle ropes safari is were you climb on skinny and/or moving beams and ziplines. But After that we went to a tram that took us through the Africa some were we learned about giraffes, gazelle, and zebra. But coolest of all we saw lions and cheetahs. The cheetahs in cheetah run were the most amazing thing today. The cheetahs shased this toy down the track and we learned at the first three steps they go to 40 miles an hour.

Chillin roo,

Our state bird!,


Baby elephant awwwww,

Lego land continued

Today me and my family went back to Lego the ninjago the ride. And we continued on to the Dragon coaster. For those of you who haven’t been on the Dragon coaster it is amazing. First you go through the castle and see a dining room. In the dining room, a bear dancing cross the floor no lie. And then you see a knight waving his sword on a table. And then you see king and a Nobel with a peasant wielding a knife on a different table. Then around the bend, Merlin, in his (incredibly messy), study with a desk of frog, scroll, and a wand. But the next corner holds not so nice suprises. Awrgh! (old Norse for HOLY CRUD THERE’S A DRAGON). And there was a Dragon. With a light in its throat it looked like it was about to unleash an inferno. Then we made it passed the Dragon outside, Only for more dragons wahahahahahahahahahaha! Not realy. but what awaited us was amazing twists, turns, ups, and downs. After the roller coaster we walked to the deep sea adventure. A submarine ride were you spot treasure in the deep then click on buttons on the screens neer the port holes. After seeing countless sea creatures they give you a rank based on how much treasure you find. Well after that we went to drivers school twice. Drivers school is were you find Lego designed cars and drive about in a road designed track. I usually get a fast car and the words I hear in the song they play are ๐ŸŽตgirls like fast cars too๐ŸŽถ.

The dragon,

Sea life aqarium,


Dragon in room,

Bedroom mural,

Bunk bed!,

Dragon den restraunt no.1

Dragon den no.2,

Legoland favorites

Legoland is amazing!!!!!! It is so awsome. I loved the ninjago coaster and driving school. In driving school you drive around in mini cars and try not to hit anything. In the ninjago coaster you put on virtual reality goggles and shoot blasts of elemental energy out of your arm. The ride turned from screen to screen so you could shoot the bad guys and in the end you defeat the great devourer. But I loved the Dragon coaster that showed the inside of the castle then went outside and turned and jumped until we were back. We also saw  giant star wars Lego sets. We agreed it took someone years to build the sets. The sets go up to the force awakens. Legoland was so centerd around Legos that I half expected everyone to be a minifigure. The hotels are really cool inside but the legoland  hotel is still a mystery because we coudnt see inside the legoland hotel but we did see the castle hotel which is were we are staying. And in the hotel it has Lego sets in every room. And a amazing playground/royal courtyard.

Desert dudes

In death valley we met some kids almost our age! We played airplane with them. Then we played laser tag!!! It was so fun. I only got somebody once but it was fun. We went to a campsite in the middle of nowhere, but even nowhere has ups. So I was walking along and I met Brandon a 12 year old boy. We quickly became friends and Brandon introduced me to his twin brother and his cousin Austin, and I forgot his name. But we all went to build a scrap metal fort with a rock wall. Me and my sister worked on the rock wall, and the other dudes brought in the scrap metal, but then a plane small to be sure, buzzed my sister at 50 feet max. It also landed in the campground. That was awsome. But before we met Brandon and his siblings we saw a road runner who crossed over our car and ran away. At the end of the day our car had to be towed to a hotel, because the battery that ran the car’s engine couldn’t be charged because the charger broke down,and the van still had a limited amount of miles we could drive before it stoped working. But our dad got the part he needed and fixed the van yay!

The road runner,

Being towed,

Positives in the Desert

  • This week me and my family have gone through the desert and over the sand in a car.We went to death valley national park,between car rides there were times when me and my sister played  outside in different places.We played on a giant hill of loose rocks and we played a game of laser tag with some kids at a campsite.After camping in freezing winds that tore into the van and chilled us to the bone,we went to a hike called golden canyon.It was amazing and I saw a giant hill called the red cathedral.It inspired me to make up a dwarf kingdom in Dungeons and Dragons.For River, Martin, Jonah, Oliver, and Wesley: dudes, I miss you guys so much I don’t know what to say.I miss you beyond words.I can’t wait to come back โ™ฅ you guys.

    Golden canyon pictures

    Now other pictures of our trip

    And done

    Awesome botanical gardens!!!!!

    Today is the third day after Christmas. We drove to UC Riverside botanical garden. It is amazing in the botanical garden. I saw like 100 different plants that all looked like cactuses or trees๐Ÿ˜ฒ! And after that we saw a rose garden still in the botanical gardens.It was like a plant zoo ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค“ SO COOL ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜.And all of them were astonishing because of their size and looks.And at least ten trees looked like fir trees.And ten or nine looked like Christmas trees.So they all looked like they shoudnt have been there!

    Days after christmas

    After Christmas we went on a hike to a Palm oasis the hike was called Palm canyon in Anza Borrego dessert state park.The hike had a view down to a campsite and into town.We hiked along the trail until we got to the oasis. It was amazing. There was an affect so that the sunlight crashed over the canyon because the  walls shielded the oasis from the heat.It was definitely cooler than the rest of the dessert in the oasis. And it had a lot of rocks. We went into a grove of Palm trees and it was amazing! There was a log border inside of the trees so the people couldn’t get in. After that we had lunch on a cool boulder. I had a roast beef sandwich.After lunch we hiked back it. was the afternoon and we had started in the morning so we were gone like 3 to 5 hours.